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hluhluwe-imfolozi park animals

African Baboon

african baboon

African Baboon Facts and Information African Baboon The African Baboon is a primate that forms a part of the genus Papio which is one of the genus of the Old-World Monkeys. There are known to be five common species of African Baboon that are found throughout Africa, these are colloquially and scientifically known as the:…

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Vervet Monkey

vervet monkey

Vervet Monkey The vervet monkey, scientifically known as Chlorocebus pygerythrus, is described as an “old world monkey” that forms part of Cercopithecidae family found in Africa. The vervet monkey is known to have five-species in Africa which are differentiated mainly by color and region, namely:  Chlorocebus pygerythrus excubitor, Chlorocebus pygerythrus hilgerti, Chlorocebus pygerythrus nesiotes, Chlorocebus…

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Learn”MORE” About the amazing and incredible wildlife that surrounds us. Tweet The Kudu family consists of two types of Kudu, the greater kudu which is scientifically known as the Tragelaphus strepsicerios, and the lesser kudu known as the tragelaphus imberis. Kudu Facts and Information The Kudu or koodoo is the Khoisan name given to this…

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Wild Dog Facts

wild dog facts

Wild Dogs, Facts and More The African wild dog is a canid native (a mammal of the dog family). Its scientific name, Lycaon pictus, literally means painted wolf – this comes as no surprise as the wild dog is known to share a common ancestor with wolves, although they are not genetically compatible. Tweet Wild…

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Reedbuck Facts

Reedbuck Facts

Reedbuck Facts There are three known types of reedbuck or “redunca”. The mountain reedbuck, scientifically known as the redunca fulvorufula; the redunca arundinum, commonly known as the southern or common reedbuck; and the bohor reedbuck which is scientifically named the redunca reducs. Tweet Reedbuck Facts Reedbuck Facts (Order) Order Ruminantia Family Bovidae Subfamily Antilopinae Tribe…

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BushBuck Facts

bushbuck facts

Bushbuck Facts The bushbuck is a close relative of the kudu and nyala animals. Tweet Quick Facts Life Expectancy Around 12 years old Population Over one million Bushbuck inhabiting Africa Physical Average weight of 58 kg BushBuck Is the smallest of the spiral-horned antelopes BushBuck Facts Males Also known as rams Females Known as ewes…

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