African Baboon

african baboon

African Baboon Facts and Information African Baboon The African Baboon is a primate that forms a part of the genus Papio which is one of the genus of the Old-World Monkeys. There are known to be five common species of African Baboon that are found throughout Africa, these are colloquially and scientifically known as the:…

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Animal Classification

animal classification

Animal Classification Between nine and ten million distinctive species exists on Earth. Each unique species within a genus is named after it’s specific features and physical characteristics. The first word in the animal’s Latin name is the genus, while the second name specifies the exact species. Biologists use a system of classification to organize the…

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Animal Anatomy

animal anatomy

Animal Anatomy Animal Anatomy Anatomy is a division of natural science which study the structure and function of animals and their parts. In-depth knowledge of the structure of an animal communicates a lot of information about the functions it can perform. Understanding the anatomy of animals will help people manage and care for their animals.…

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Vervet Monkey

vervet monkey

Vervet Monkey The vervet monkey, scientifically known as Chlorocebus pygerythrus, is described as an “old world monkey” that forms part of Cercopithecidae family found in Africa. The vervet monkey is known to have five-species in Africa which are differentiated mainly by color and region, namely:  Chlorocebus pygerythrus excubitor, Chlorocebus pygerythrus hilgerti, Chlorocebus pygerythrus nesiotes, Chlorocebus…

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Learn”MORE” About the amazing and incredible wildlife that surrounds us. Tweet The Kudu family consists of two types of Kudu, the greater kudu which is scientifically known as the Tragelaphus strepsicerios, and the lesser kudu known as the tragelaphus imberis. Kudu Facts and Information The Kudu or koodoo is the Khoisan name given to this…

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Durban Safari

durban safari

Durban Safari Well what or how can we even start to explain what an adventure it was.  We recently enjoyed what has to have been the most incredible Safari ever. With a bit of apprehension I must say, we booked a Durban Safari. Our group comprised of mostly girls traveling from the UK and as…

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